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Timing The  Financial Markets Astrologically

Financial Astrology or Astro-Cyclical Analysis has proved to be as useful as Technical or Fundamental Analysis of Financial Market including Equity, Futures, Derivatives, Bullion, Commodities, Bonds, Currencies or other Financial Instruments with the help of various complex planetary configurations. 
No one knows why planets, their placement in different houses, or transits through various houses, aspects, conjunctions with other planets or other complex configurations effect the price movement in various financial markets but these do. Different aspects like Semi-Sextile, Sextile, Square, Semi-Square, Trine, Quincunx among different planets (friendly or inimical) do give different results at different times. Solar and Lunar Eclipses do give predictable results most of the times
Planets work because the market is basically governed by swings in mass psychology. Just as the Moon is known to influence tides and emotions, the other solar-system bodies also do this in some subtle way.


Technical Outlook of Indian Stock Market as on 15th September 2014

World Commodities as on 15th September 2014



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